Cate Lamb

Global Director of Water Security and Water Lead, COP26 Climate Champions Team

Cate has almost 20 years of experience in all aspects of sustainable development, corporate engagement, and team leadership.

As Global Director of CDP’s Water Security Initiative, she is responsible for ensuring that the program remains the gold standard for disclosure of corporate and city water-related information globally and moves rapidly to deliver significant changes in corporate and city behaviour towards water. Cate leads a talented team to ensure that the economy values water so that all important economic actors take meaningful action to conserve this precious resource.

As the Water Security thought leader for the organisation, Cate is responsible for producing research aimed at senior decision makers within both the public and private sector. She is a regular public speaker and has represented CDP on both national and international stages. In addition, she is the UNFCCC High Level Climate Champion Lead for Water, Co-Chair of the Science-Based Targets Network, a member of the Advisory Committee to Stockholm World Water Week, and an advisor to UNGC’s SDG Leadership network.


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