Caroline Wadsworth

Head of Strategic Partnerships, Isle Utilities

Caroline has worked in the Environmental and Water industries for over 20 years and with a commercial background she has facilitated technology development, adoption and deployment; supported investment; managed teams of talented scientists and engineers; developed strategies; influenced policy and facilitated applied and blue sky research. She has a strong global network of well-established contacts and has presented nationally and internationally on innovation. Caroline has a comprehensive working knowledge of the water industry and the challenges it faces and brings experience of start-ups, private and public organisations of all sizes and is well versed in the challenges each organisation faces.

Prior to joining Isle, Caroline managed the Water Innovation Hub for the TWENTY65 research consortium, bringing together academia, supply chain, industry, policy makers and regulators to re-imagine water, accelerate innovation and secure clean, sustainable water for all in the future. Her work focused on breaking-down the silos traditionally seen in the industry, raising the value of water across society and improving the culture of innovation in order to accelerate responsible innovation and the development of resilient water systems.