Carmen Snowdon CEnv, MIWater

Principal Consultant, Asset Management Solutions Team, Water Research Centre

Carmen Snowdon, a Chartered Environmentalist, is a Principal Consultant and has been working the field of demand management and customer engagement for over 12 years. She has developed and led a variety of projects and programmes looking at how, where and why people use water and recently completed a secondment to Waterwise as their Head of Water Efficiency and Customer Participation.

Carmen has a very keen interest in integrating the customer into business processes and planning, and has led projects looking at ways to evolve the relationship between water company and customer. She is always particularly excited where this comes together with the field of leakage, such as work tackling customer side leakage and leaky loos. Other recent leakage focussed work developing smart networks concepts for a number of water company clients, looking at how these can help drive down leakage and provide improved customer outcomes.

Carmen is also working closely with data science colleagues in the application of machine learning to provide greater predictive capability in the leakage field.