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"At Warden Biomedia, we design, manufacture and supply Random Biological Filter Media to improve aerobic treatment across the full range of applications - from the largest municipal sewage treatment plant down to a garden fishpond. With the philosophy of increased surface area, the eco-friendly trickling filter and biological filter media are manufactured with specific design features to increase the efficiency of the effluent treatment process. In a choice of spherical and tube formats, to suit the application, the random filter media provide excellent ventilation to speed up the aerobic reaction. Through purpose-designed features, the media in our range are an excellent alternative to traditional mineral-based media and are ideal for improved performance in new wastewater treatment plants. Selecting the right media for the application has never been an easy task. Having the necessary experience, and the ability to be of help in the selection of accurate filter media for each application, allows us to provide clients with the most appropriate and cost-effective solution to meet their requirements."

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