HAL24K Limited

HAL24K Limited
HAL24K is committed to providing clients with the power of predictive intelligence to transform how we use, manage and conserve vital water resources.

A Data Intelligence scale-up based in Amsterdam, San Francisco and London, HAL24K delivers operational and predictive intelligence to cities, countries and companies. It combines advanced data science techniques – such as machine learning and deep neural networks – with practical modelling, analysis and visualisation through its SaaS-based Dimension platform.

Its award-winning smart water solutions ensure that water companies and governments can better manage and unlock value from multiple real-time data streams - optimising operations, avoiding disruption and saving costs. HAL24K’s Waterway Management solutions encompass water level prediction, flood warning, and water quality prediction. Its Water Supply Optimisation solutions focus on monitoring and optimising treatment processes, predictive maintenance of systems and installations, or early detection of leaks and other disruptions for quick and effective response.

With HAL24K, real-time data-driven decision making in complex and multidimensional environments is now possible.

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