Mapal Aeration Solutions

Mapal Aeration Solutions
Mapal Aeration Solutions designs, manufactures and supplies Floating & Retrievable Fine Bubble aeration solutions for industrial and municipal wastewater treatment plants of any type, shape and size.

Mapal Aeration Solutions, founded in 2008, is a global, Israeli based, technology company that designs, manufactures and supplies Fine Bubble wastewater aeration solutions. The company has a patented technology for Retrievable Fine Bubble Aeration systems (RFBA™) and Floating Fine Bubble Aeration systems (FFBA™). Mapal provides wastewater aeration solutions for municipal and industrial wastewater treatment plants of any type and size, and offer a range of aeration products that provide complete and customized solutions. The aeration units can work alongside existing fixed-to-the-floor diffusers and surface aeration, for supplemental oxygen.

We Offer:
Municipal and industrial wastewater treatment solutions for reactors and lagoons, aeration and mixing solutions, upgrades for wastewater treatment plants, Rental equipment for supplemental/emergency aeration.

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