Art K. Umble, PhD, PE, BCEE, WEF Fellow

Senior Vice President, Wastewater Treatment Sector Leader, Stantec Consulting Services Inc

Dr. Umble leads the Global Wastewater Treatment Sector and directs the Stantec Institute for Water Technology & Policy for Stantec Consulting Services, Inc., focusing on municipal and industrial wastewater treatment technologies, with an emphasis on converting waste streams to value streams and is a national leader in initiatives involving environmentally sustainable systems.  He provides technical analysis and support to design teams for new and rehabilitated wastewater treatment plants, with a focus on nutrient removal and recovery facilities, and process optimization for treatment capacity and energy management.  He serves in numerous state and national forums and stakeholder work groups related to emerging treatment technologies, sustainability in treatment and environmental regulation.

In addition to consulting, Dr. Umble’s experience includes university teaching and managing a publicly owned water and wastewater utility.