Anglian Water Services (“Anglian Water” or “the Company”) announces that Peter Simpson has informed the Board that he would like to retire after a decade as Chief Executive Officer (CEO).






Peter Simpson 

  • CEO of Anglian Water Group in October 2013
  • Managing Director of Anglian Water in 2010 and COO from 2004


The Board will now commence a rigorous process to appoint a successor who will lead the Company into the next five-year price review period (AMP 8). Peter will continue as CEO until his successor is appointed and will support a smooth transition following their appointment. It is envisaged that this process may take around a year. In the meantime, Peter will continue to focus on delivering the current strategy of the Company, supported by the executive team.


Peter Simpson joined Anglian Water in 1989, was appointed COO of Anglian Water in 2004 and became CEO of Anglian Water Group in October 2013. During his time as CEO, Peter has overseen the embedding of the Company’s purpose to bring environmental and social prosperity to the region, which has also been formalised by changing the Company’s Articles of Association.

Peter has been responsible for driving national standards for water supply resilience and new approaches to the strategic planning for water. This approach now underpins Anglian Water’s smart metering, networks, strategic interconnectors, planned new reservoirs and the multisector approach to planning for water through Water Resources East.

Peter has also driven an ambitious approach to reducing the carbon footprint of the Company and ensuring it adapts to a changing climate. He also positioned UK water as a global leader in terms of mitigation and adaptation at COP26 by showcasing Future Fens Integrated Adaptation (FFIA).


Dr Ros Rivaz, Anglian Water’s Chair Designate said:

“The Board would like to take this opportunity to pay tribute to the outstanding contribution Peter has made to Anglian Water. He has worked with great passion and energy, and we have been very fortunate to have had his vision, drive and commitment.


Peter has successfully navigated significant challenges for the business during a period of considerable challenge for the sector. He has guided the business through the Covid pandemic and responded to substantial changes in the regulatory environment. As a result of Peter’s leadership, the Company is now well placed to address the challenges of AMP 8 and can continue to deliver on its commitments to customers and the environment.


Peter’s decision to announce his planned retirement allows for an orderly process to appoint a new Chief Executive for Anglian Water.”


Peter Simpson, Chief Executive said:

“Anglian Water has been a big part of my life and my decision to retire has been taken with mixed emotions. It has been a privilege to serve as the Chief Executive of Anglian Water over the past decade and I am proud of everything we have achieved. It has been a remarkable team effort by colleagues throughout the business. I have also benefitted hugely from the support of the Board and from the commitment of the long-term owners of the business.

I remain fully focussed on delivering the current strategy of the business, in partnership with the executive team and with our many stakeholders, and to supporting the transition to a new Chief Executive.”