Andy Godley

Senior Consultant for Flow Measurement and Metering, WRc

Andy Godley is WRc’s Senior Consultant for Flow Measurement and Metering. Andy has over 30 years’ experience in all aspects of flow measurement and metering in clean and wastewater applications.

He manages a number of WRc’s flow testing facilities and has carried out many research programmes so understands the technical capabilities of many types of flow measurement equipment.

He has been closely involved with the development of various aspects of the Environment Agency’s MCERTS scheme, and specifically the various flow schemes, over a number of years. He sits on several British, European and International Standards committees, as well as the MCERTS Self-Monitoring of Flow Steering Group as an independent technical expert.

He has recently been working with the Environment Agency to develop technical requirements and guidance for the installation and operation of EDMs for regulatory compliance.

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