EPS Water is pleased to announce the launch of technology partnerships with Nuove Energie


EPS Water is pleased to announce the launch of technology partnerships with Nuove Energie Srl (Italy) and Salsnes Filter AS (Norway) in the field of wastewater filtration.


EPS Water UK has been working with Nuove Energie as a tertiary solids filter supplier for over a decade and the two companies are now joining forces to enhance their joint technical and commercial offering to customers and clients in the UK and Ireland. The arrangement will bring the innovative Ultrascreen® disc filter technology to the forefront of the UK and Irish markets, as well as promoting the Biostrainer® MBR screen and the Conoscreen® industrial filter system.

Joining forces has already proven to be a winning combination for the companies as Nuove Energie’s Managing Director, Gianmaria Massignani explains. “With operations in the USA and worldwide, we have been extending our reach in the UK in recent years and this joint venture is just the latest step in that direction. We have recently delivered Ultrascreen® solutions to two NAV-operated plants, and the technology was also selected by Thames Water for their current Tertiary Solids Removal Framework”.

“With 13 years’ experience installing and operating Nuove Energie’s Ultrascreen® solution at wastewater treatment plants, we can stand by the efficiency, effectiveness and quality as a tertiary treatment solution”, says EPS Water UK’s General Manager Shaun Stevens. “Our combined experience, teamwork and understanding of the market led to the successful Thames Water framework win, something we hope to replicate in the coming years as we provide an even higher level of service to our UK clients and frameworks as we move towards higher demand levels and tighter consents in AMP8”.

Meanwhile, EPS renewed its partnership with Salsnes Filter at the recent IFAT Exhibition in Munich, and now exclusively offers Salsnes Filter’s primary belt filter product to the UK and Irish municipal markets.

The technology has traditionally been used as an alternative to a primary settlement tank, especially on sites where footprint is at a premium or where budgets do not extend to full tank construction. It is also used for ‘peak lopping’ applications, providing short-term primary treatment capacity under peak flow conditions. More recently, the products have been successfully used for the treatment of storm overflows, removing solids and organic matter from excess flows arising from network CSOs and treatment plant storm tanks.

“The agreement between EPS Group and Salsnes Filter is both logical and very exciting”, according to Salsnes Filter’s CEO, Johan Sellaeg. “We are two companies that share a great commitment to wastewater treatment, and the values and the way we work fit together very well. In EPS we have partnered with a highly competent and dedicated organization with ability to support customers with advanced and innovative solutions.”

“Salsnes Filter has a perfect fit within our extensive product portfolio,” says EPS’s UK Technical Manager, Alan Ford. “Alongside our market-leading offering scraper bridges, it gives us a complete solution toolkit for primary and stormwater treatment applications. This arrangement ensures we can deliver Salsnes Filter products more effectively for our customers and provides the integration, commissioning and aftermarket support services that our customers are demanding.”

Established in County Cork, Ireland in 1968, EPS Group has grown from a modest electrical and pumping services business into an innovative, internationally exporting product and service provider, focused upon the water, wastewater and clean technology sectors. It employs over 630 people and has regional bases and subsidiaries spread across the UK and Ireland.

View of a recently installed Nuove Energie Ultrascreen® solution on a site in Hampshire, UK.

Johan Sellæg and Petter Kjolseth of Salsnes Filter, with Patrick Buckley, Jim Palmer and other EPS representatives, celebrating their new distribution agreement at IFAT Munich.