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Chairman – David Smoker, ACO Water Management


The WISCN was formed in 2012 and comprises representatives from CECA, British Water, BPF, CPSA, UKSTT, HBF, NSA, E&USkills, Pipe Jacking Association, Pipeline Industries Guild, Clay Pipes Association, Water Industry Forum .  The aims of the group are to:

  • Engage the key trade industry organisations in ensuring their members’ roles are highlighted to the sector
  • Facilitate open discussions on all aspects relating to the strategic management of water/ or sewerage;
  • Identify opportunities for the Network to collaborate on consultation responses; and
  • Proactively engage in the water price setting process


The secretariat is provided by the Future Water Association and meetings are held at Network members’ premises.



Chairman – Phill Mills, Policy Consulting Ltd


The formation of the Private Sewers Focus Group in 2011 had resulted from various meetings and discussions held within the sector following the Government announcement confirming the transfer of private sewers to the water companies.  The Focus Group engaged closely with DEFRA and the water companies during that period and supported the Future Water Association ‘Meet the Buyer’ event for the supply chain to meet face to face with the water companies/Tier 1 contractors.


Since the Transfer (although with many issues still to be addressed) the Focus Group has extended its activities and was renamed the ‘Drains, Sewers & SuDS Forum (DSSF)’ in 2012.  Representation on the Forum comes from UKSTT, NSA, British Water, HBF, Pipeline Industries Guild, CPSA, CCWater, EUSkills, Clay Pipes Association, BPF, UK Drainage Forum . The aims of the Forum are:


  • To provide the opportunity for representatives to meet to discuss common issues/concerns and to formulate and agree actions to address these.
  • To assist in the alignment of a conjoined industry group to ensure that the needs and requirements of all parties were addressed
  • To aid the development of innovation, best practice and knowledge sharing
  • To address issues of procurement processes and the alignment of the supply chain into the water companies’ activities


Working Groups/Forums

The following is a list of current Working Groups/Forums established within the Society. Ad hoc groups are formed on particular topics and disbanded once objectives have been reached.



Chairman – Gordon Lyon, CSTS

The Future Water Association Health & Safety Group comprises member company representatives who are committed to promoting the improvement of H&S standards within all Future Water Association member companies. This is achieved by offering support, assistance and encouragement to those member companies who may not have the necessary H&S resource or expertise to carry out this function competitvely. The Group uses its strengths to shape and influence key decision makers within the HSE and industry organisations, to improve the reputation of the water industry.
Key areas of activity include: 

  • recording and collating 'near miss' incidents and disseminating to members on a regular basis
  • Lobbying industry organisations to raise awareness of Future Water Association member activities
  • Being an influential participant on industry working groups and providing        guidance and expertise to those industry organisations



Chairman – (vacant)

The aim of the Export Working Group is to advance the common interests of all members who are currently involved in exporting activities or who are researching the possibilities of moving into the export market. Its key objectives are to identify:

  • Major areas of export activities for members
  • Availability and access to funding
  • UK Trade & Investment leads
  • UK Water Company activity overseas
  • Relevant overseas exhibitions
  • To share experiences of exporting in different countries





Chairman – Dene Marshallsay, Artesia Consulting

The Meter Manufacturers Group formed in 1998 and consisted at that time of the four main UK Meter Manufacturers; Actaris Metering Systems; Elster Metering; Severn Trent Metering Systems; and Sensus Metering Systems. Following widespread industry discussions regarding the role that upgraded metering technology could play in meeting industry and government objectives for the industry the Intelligent Metering Initiative (IMI) was established. The IMI’s aims were to help the industry understand the potential value of intelligent metering, address the challenges of implementing a long term metering asset base which can take advantage of intelligent metering and in doing so help the industry gain the maximum value from its metering strategies.

Membership of the IMI was open to companies and organisations who were involved in the provision, use, or regulation of metering, AMR or intelligent metering. The IMI undertook a range of projects and produced a number of project reports, some of which were printed under the UKWIR banner. Following the formation of the Smart Metering Advisory Group by Ofwat and the Water UK Smart Metering Working Group, the IMI closed down.   Since that time, the Future Water Association Metering Group has developed into a Member’s Forum, encompassing the meter manufacturers and the wider supply chain involved in metering and leakage activity. 

Its aims and objectives are to advance the common interests of all stakeholders in the UK water metering industry by:

  • Communicating information about metering policies, technologies,      developments, costs and benefits to members and industry stakeholders
  • Promoting and improving technical standards and practices, and business        processes relevant to water metering
  • Maintaining a presence in the energy smart metering arena and interaction with       DECC
  • Identifying the key challenges and opportunities now and in the future in the   leakage and metering areas of the industry
  • Developing better long term forecasts of product requirements and demand   characteristics with the Utilities, OFWAT and the Government


LEAKAGE WORKING GROUP (in conjunction with the Smart Metering Suppliers Forum)

Future Water Association members are in the main split between contractors and manufacturers, and as such are heavily involved in working with water companies in developing better ways to target the activity of leakage detection engineers and manage the network to minimise risk of bursts occurring. There is a substantial amount of experience of all aspects of leakage management within Future Water Association and the Society is recognised as a source of expertise and information.

The Group commenced its popular one-day annual seminars in 1999. These informative and thought-provoking seminars attract a wide spectrum of industry representatives seeking opportunities to broaden their knowledge as well as network with similar minded individuals.


Previously the Specialist Products & Services Group.


Chairman – Alastair Moseley, J Murphy & Sons - H20WEM

Smaller companies have always played an important part in maintaining the Water Companies within the United Kingdom. These companies offer high quality skills, have a vast working knowledge of the plant and systems in use and are dedicated to offering a high quality and responsive personal service. Together they employ a vast number of highly knowledgeable and greatly skilled people.

Future Water Association formed the Innovation & Development (I&D) Group primarily aimed at those smaller contracting companies to identify the issues they are facing and offer a self-help debating forum. A number of issues have been identified, covering working practices, conformity, payments, conditions, insurance and legislation. The I&D Group list the following as its aims:

  • The promotion of group members within the Society of its specialist services and supplies and to other organisations outside of Future Water Association
  • Offer specialist support and help to other members
  • Build and develop relationships within the Society and outside organisations
  • Develop a range of liaison/innovation meetings with the water companies/Tier 1 contractors


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