Affinity Water Innovation Day, 26 October 2017

Future Water Association was hosted by Affinity Water for an excellent 'Innovation Day' on 26th October - attended by over 70 people on the day, a mixture of water sector suppliers and Affinity Water staff.

Highlights of the day focused around:

Water Dragons 2017
The judges for the day are listed on the left under the speakers section. Companies pitched their products and services to the Water Dragon judges in a 10 minute presentation and 10 minute Q&A format. The presentations were from:
  • FormPave  
The growing demands on our urban environment make it increasingly important to maximise the use of our space by creating flood resilient infrastructures. 
ThermaPave™ is a highly effective method of storm water control capable of harvesting surface rainwater,
which can then be used as the energy source for a ground source heat pump to provide a sustainable, 
low carbon and affordable means of producing energy for heating and cooling in buildings whilst
mitigating flood risk turning paved areas into multifunctional energy centres. 
  • Global Leak Technologies 

This is a very low cost, easy to install leak detector that can be attached to pipes, placed under appliances or in any other area where water damage can happen, and when it gets wet it beeps. There is nothing on the market that will do the same thing for the same price. 


  • Kamstrup
Everyone talks about data but what's in it for me?
There is more to smart water metering than accurate billing, but the business case for investing in
smart meters and automatic meter reading is often complex since the value depends on how you
utilize the data from your new meters. By breaking the business case down into smaller parts and
singling out the areas with the mostpotential, utilities can make a more accurate and relevant calculation of the benefits that more frequent data can deliver.
  • Local Supply Chain (Firefly)

Buyers need a new way to source suppliers and carry out due diligence. They also need to look after their supply chain by offering a better solution for sourcing capable suppliers. There are more suppliers than buyers and the supply chain needs to buck the trend of complacency and pressure the industry for an innovative solution. Local Supply Chain is that solution. Savings to the Water Industry have been estimated at £8-10m per annum by introducing Local Supply Chain along with ConstructionLine, rather than the current approach of multiple accreditation services being used (duplicating effort and costs!)

Savings in time of 30%+. On average 30% of time is saved in the following areas: 
o Completing annual PQQ’s
o Searching for the correct suppliers
o Searching for best performing suppliers
o Suppliers engaging with you
o Providing your supply chain with a simple to use portal for your projects/jobs
  • Quensus – LeakNet  
LeakNet is a smart water meter which allows water companies to manage their infrastructure more
efficiently and offer an enhanced service, whilst users are empowered to self-manage their water 
consumption behaviour through real-time dashboards, budgeting, and leak notifications. 
  • Waterfit  – Multifit Self Tapping Ferrule Strap 
Waterfit have designed & manufactured an innovative range of ferrule straps which have a unique feature. 
They allow a contractor to make a house connection on multiple sizes of pipe from the same strap.
Current ferrule straps are dedicated to a single size of pipe. 
The event was supported by a range of exhibitors:



Drew Ritchie - MD Wholesale Operations, Affinity Water
Drew Ritchie - MD Wholesale Operations, Affinity Water
Julian Foster - Delivery Director, Affinity Water
Julian Foster - Delivery Director, Affinity Water
Stewart Bell - Head of Water Process, Skanska
Stewart Bell - Head of Water Process, Skanska
Howard Lewis - Network Operations Manager, Affinity Water
Howard Lewis - Network Operations Manager, Affinity Water
Alastair Moseley - Innovation Hub Chair, Future Water Association
Alastair Moseley - Innovation Hub Chair, Future Water Association

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